Overseas warehouse delivery process

Step1 Step2 Step3 Step4 Step5
Customer Prepares Goods Cargo transported to overseas warehouses Real-time transmission of order data Overseas warehouses handle orders within 24 hours Provide home delivery service

Overseas Warehouse Advantage

Quick delivery
Overseas warehouses are widely distributed
Local Distribution in Multinational Countries
Low cost
Collective handling, cost sharing.
Logistics cost is low.
Support returns
Receiving and returning goods on behalf of merchants
Solving the problem of after-sale receipt and refund of commodities
Various trading modes
Can support retail and wholesale at the same time
Warehousing needs to support bulk trading.

Global warehouse resources

As a professional cross-border e-commerce service provider, we provide overseas warehouse service and tender exchange for cross-border e-commerce sellers.、
Spontaneous delivery, logistics channels and other services, and has covered more than 100 countries and regions
Zone supports online orders docking with Amazon, Express, eBay, Wish, Shopee and other platforms
And after-sales efforts to provide simple and efficient cross-border sales experience for cross-border sellers!